Essential Tips For Hiring Content Writers

contentOne of the best things that you can do for your brand and website is to look into hiring content writers. These specialty scribes can help you build a huge amount of traffic. When individuals that work within these areas pull through content marketing, they establish a huge connection with the online world. If you want to establish a great deal of good in your niche, you will need help. In order to get going forward, you should hire someone that is competent. There are a lot of people out there, however, that are going to cause you to have a major headache. Not everyone that claims to be able to write this type of work can help your particular needs. It’s for that reason that you should look into a few tips for hiring writers that work within this style. You want to hire specialty scribes, not just novelists or anyone along those lines.

The Native Tongue

First and foremost, always look for native English writers. They should be able to communicate well with this language. If you do not want someone to write in English for you, then look for another language. The goal here is to look into content writers that are going to be able to split up the words that you need. You can tell whether someone knows what they are talking about based on the metaphors that they use. Look at sample work and look closely as to how they divide similes and metaphor into their content. If they don’t use this at all, and the work seems very academic, that could work. However, if they use metaphors that don’t make sense or they try to pull out ideas that aren’t relevant to the content, you know that they are not as good as they claim. The native language of an individual matters greatly, so don’t allow yourself to lose sight of this overall.

The Turn Around Time

How fast do you want your content? Most people don’t really think about this at first glance. You will want to look at this in a very specialized case. The turnaround time of article creation is a good thing to consider. On average, you may not get good work in 24 hours without paying a huge premium. A good average would be 7 to 10 days on average, depending on what the content is and how many pieces are needed to move forward. If you look at this appropriately, you will end up with good campaigns, articles, and pieces that you can publish online. The turnaround time should coincide with your publishing schedule. It’s imperative to consider moving forward.

Testing The Writers

When looking at hiring content writers, ask for a sample. Then ask for a custom sample or hire them to write 1 project. Don’t make the project too complex, just ask them to write something that you want in your niche. That way you can see how they work with research, and how they phrase things. If they seem to know what they are doing, you will be able to tell via the way that they express themselves. As long as you’re not asking for NASA grade science, you will be able to hire someone that can at least set up a few pages of content for you. Of course, the goal here is to ensure that you are getting quality work, so keep that in mind as you move forward.

Focusing on SEO Compliance

One of the most overlooked tips in regards to hiring content writers is in regards to search engine optimization. It’s imperative that you ask about this. The content that you are going to publish online through your site or a directory has to be isolated for optimization. The more your work is optimized correctly, the higher the chances are that your page will rank high within search results. Remember, you want to hit the number one spot in search results. If you don’t rank within top 3, you will not get the traffic that you really want to move forward within. It’s imperative that you do not overlook this issue. Your work has to be compliant with the latest algorithm shift of search engines. Without that, expect to see your page plummet in traffic.

Try Out Several Options

At the end of the day, you can find a lot of content writers online. Just look online and you’ll get hit with a lot of offers. When in doubt, make sure that you test out several people’s work. Test them via sample articles and custom orders. As you look to find a good scribe, always look at quality over quantity. There’s nothing good that could come from hiring someone that won’t give you the best overall content design. Suffice to say, you shouldn’t rush the process of trying to find a good scribe that works within SEO compliant work.


An Overview of Golf Expenses

Golf is an expensive sport that demands dedication. Golf is not suited for the common masses. The first rush of expenses starts with the attire. Golf polo shirts cost as much as US$60 for women’s and US$ 79 for men’s. Golf shoes have a special traction at the soles and cost around US$60 up to US$150 a pair. Then you have to buy a golf bag, golf club and golf putters and golf club and golf putter covers. Plus, of course, you have to pay for playing in a country golf club, which can vary as public, daily-fee, municipal and top-of-the-line private golf courses, in which you have to shell out from US$10 to US$25 (9-hole courses in small towns and 18-hole courses in public and municipal golf clubs) up to hundreds of dollars in private courses. This will give you an option to either walk or rent a golf cart, which would incur additional fees.

Discount golf clubsGolfers should not dress sloppily in the golf course. Country clubs won’t even grant entry to people who fail to adopt the proper dress scheme. Luckily there are shops that offer brand new golf shirts, skirts, pants and shoes at a discounted and reasonable price. Even the indispensable golf club is available with affordable kinds. Discount golf clubs are essentially the same as expensive clubs. More and more people are considering looking for discount golf clubs because they work for novices and professionals alike. Discount golf clubs perform as well as expensive clubs.

A Brief History of Golf Clubs

Golf is not a new ball sport. Its origins can be traced back to Scotland where men have been playing it since the 15th century and 14th century in China under the Ming Dynasty. As a consequence, golf clubs have been around as early as golf itself. Early golf clubs were carved from hard, tough wood by the golfers themselves.

Pretty soon, the task of making golf clubs was turned over to skilled wood crafters. It has been noted that King James the VI of Scotland had a bow-maker to carve his own set of golf clubs. Just like today, golf clubs were varied depending on the range of shot. People used long noses for driving, fairway clubs for midrange shots, spoon for short range shots and nib licks for putting.

An early golf club is made from different kinds of wood. Holly and apple wood is commonly used to make the club and ash wood for the shaft. The two were then bound tightly be leather straps. Because carving golf clubs is meticulous, playing golf was even at that time too expensive for the common masses. Each golfer must have at least one of each kind of golf club and at that time, the expensive nib licks and long noses were prone to breakage that it is normal to break a club during a round. The constant replacement of expensive golf clubs classified golf as a sport meant for the upper classes.

Crafters attempted to make clubs more durable by strapping on more leather and implanting bone to the club head. Finally in 1750, metal was forged initially for nib licks. In the mid-1800’s, long noses became obsolete and were replaced by bulgers due to the invention of the Guttie Ball. In the 1900’s, persimmon wood replaced the previous wood choices for club making. Aluminum was a top choice for hand-forged clubs. Steel shafts were adopted in the 1930’s, although they have been around since 1890.

Today, more people are gaining interest in golf and relatively affordable equipment are gaining fame. Discount golf clubs are a recent addition to the golfing world due to the demand.


HR Certification Training Program’s Offered Benefits to an HR Expert

Individuals working as HR staff may find HR certification training as something unnecessary or just a waste of money. They do regular office work, which results to thinking that certification will not be of any use. HR members, however, must take note of the long list of benefits this certification will bring them.

Instant Resume Facelift

HR Certification TrainingEvery information a person can add to his resume is considered as an investment. Gaining certification is adding a title for the HR personnel. If you are an HR expert, your resume will have an instant facelift by having this certification on it. An individual will find a proof of certification helpful for his or her documentation needs in the future.

Certification can improve a person’s appeal on resume in various ways. Whether the title is heard inside or outside a company, HR personnel is guaranteed to leave a positive impression in his expertise in HR operations and regulations.

Career Advancement

Career advancement is a common goal among employees. Promotion is usually brought by three factors: expertise, experience and performance. Passing HR certification training can deal with expertise and experience and make career advancement more probable for employees.

Certification requires an individual to have several years of experience before he/she can be eligible for the process. For instance, Professional in Human Resources or PHR certification allows applicants with a minimum of one year before labeling them as eligible for the certification. Hence, someone who has this certification is one who has experience in the field. As for knowledge, training will instill other vital HR practices to a professional.

By the time an individual passed certification, his knowledge of HR operations will be higher than others who are not certified. Seeing that an individual is able to accomplish this certification makes the higher ups realize that an individual can handle the job. They only need to assess the individual’s performance and offer promotions for vacant slots.

Better Jobs Outside Current Company

Some individuals want to move forward in their careers in a different company, which is not that easy. Some companies do not give high regard to applicants whether they have past experience. They may start at a lower position since other in-house staff is also waiting for promotions. Certification makes your resume stand out. Your prospect company won’t hesitate to hire you and give you a better position according to your expertise.

Be a More Realized HR Professional

HR certification training will make you feel a fully realized HR expert. You gain the respect of fellow employees while employers will think highly of you. They know that passing any certification is not an easy thing to accomplish for many employees. They will think of you as the cream of the crop with lots of potential to offer.

Become a Great Help for the Company

Being an HR staff may seem like a simple job, which some executives may not feel worth rewarding. By gaining additional knowledge, the company will see you as a great help. There is even a great chance that you will be promoted in the long run. They may even recommend you to take higher certifications, which may be funded by the company, to be more of an expert than you are right now.

Become a More Confident Person

Being equipped with additional HR knowledge will make you feel confident about yourself. Different HR certification training programs will make you well adept of the field and feel like you can face any job brought to you in the office.

Earn Higher Salary

Certification is an additional title, which gives you higher employment value. Companies will promote you to high-paying positions. You may even become an executive with more benefits and salary due to your added responsibilities.

HR certification training brings numerous benefits to you as an HR expert. Don’t hesitate to invest on your career by spending time for certification. You’ll find it worthy in the end and be among the top employees in your company.

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Guide Questions on How to be a Stand-out Among Keynote Speakers

Keynotes are talks that aim to establish and build a particular theme. The speech coming from invited speakers oftentimes headlines this kind of events. Keynotes speakers are very much essential in conveying messages relevant to theme of the event.

Keynotes speakers who fare well in this kind of public speaking engagement can actually gain global fame. Especially in the political arena, the world through media is a witness to many keynote addresses delivered by political figures.

Keynote speakersThere are a number of great keynote addresses that have been delivered through the years. If you want yours be lined up in the A-listers, here are some of the guide questions that you must bear in mind upon writing and delivering an effective keynote speech:

• Are you well-versed in the topic given?

• Does your purpose in life sync with the theme of the event?

• Are you already selling yourself with the statements you are sharing, instead of selling the theme?

• Have you established a rapport with my audience?

• How do you make yourself relevant to the crowd?

• Are you underestimating your listeners, to the point that you are already delivering a boring speech before them?

• Or are you overestimating the crowd, to the point that you are already confusing them?

• Are you using too much visual when delivering or aid in your speech?

• Do you deliver my speech too fast, too slow or just right?

• Do you speak monotonously already?

• Are you knowledgeable of the demographics and psychographics of your audience?

• Is your speech educational and entertaining all at the same time?

• Do you earn a nod from the audience because they are inspired, or are they already sleeping or doing something and barely listening with your speech?

• Have you misplaced a humor or comical note in the duration of the speech?

• Have you given too much factual information?

• Have you even shared a personal anecdote or any real story relevant to the theme of the event?

• Do you make the crowd dizzy because of unorganized and incomprehensive thoughts?

• Is your speech rich with values and principles?

• Are there any call-to-action statements included in your speech?

• How do you get your listeners motivated with what you say and how do you do it?

• Do they hear you as a passionate speaker or just a talking head unmindful of the crowd’s response?

• Are you being cooperative with the event’s organizers and with the crowd?

• Are you being professional in building a relationship with the people present in the event?

• Have you left an impact at the end of your speech? Have you inspired your listeners and were able to fuel them to take some actions?

These guide questions are significant in helping you deliver a remarkable, even a legendary speech. Successful keynote speakers always have these in mind as they know that the purpose of this list is to assist them in breaking the ice and ultimately, in acing a speech.

Most people who are invited to talk at keynotes have the relevant knowledge needed, but sometimes, they are engulfed with nervousness and fear that they cannot deliver and convey their message successfully.

Excellent keynote speakers have all experienced anxiety during their humble beginnings. But in time, they have learned how to win over it and have gained mastery in addressing the concerns mentioned in the guide questions.

If you are new to this public speaking engagement type, make sure that you run through this comprehensive list every now and then to aid you in giving a great, informative and motivating speech. Just do not be hesitant; after all, nothing will be compromised if you follow these guide questions.


Origins of the Military Coin Tradition

There are several assumptions regarding the first known use of military coins, also referred to as challenge coins. The three most popular of these theories are set in Ancient Rome, World War I and in Post-World War II Germany. These assumptions imply that the challenge coin tradition could be centuries or decades old.

Regardless of how modern technology is nowadays, the military coin tradition persists. This long-standing ritual is considered by those in the army, air force, navy, coast guard and marine as essential. And it looks like the use of challenge coins in the military won’t die out anytime soon.

Most of those outside the military find it hard to decipher the real meaning of the military coin tradition. Challenge coins are not just coins. These seemingly insignificant tokens are symbolic. Each military coin represents something to be proud of as a military man. Aside from a source of pride, military coins also capture the value of unity in the military. That is why the most accepted origins of the challenge coin tradition are related to pride and unity.

Ancient Rome

Military coinsWho could ever forget the great Roman Empire? The political, economic and geographical domination of the Romans was partly because of its wise generals.

Julius Caesar wasn’t the only wise rulers that catapulted Rome into a great empire. There were so many finest leaders and philosophers in ancient Rome. However, their war victories that led to their control over their enemies were something they owed from their brave warriors.

As a form of paying back, it was said that the ancient Roman rulers awarded coins to their soldiers. This could be the first ever military coins given.

The ancient Roman challenge coins can be used to purchase goods or pay for services. However, there were soldiers who opted to keep the coins as a memento.

Why not? The coins given were one of a kind and were especially made for the military. A coin featured a symbol of legion where it originated. Just like challenge coins today that feature various symbols as a sign of uniqueness from other coins.

World War I

Another theory in the origin of military coins is set on World War I. The said war attracted the affluent students of Harvard and Yale in the US to serve in the military. One of these affluent students performed as an officer of the army; he led one of the squadrons. The said student was so generous that he gave his men bronze medallions.

One of the recipients was a young pilot. There was a time when his plane was affected by ground fire. He had no choice but to land on enemy’s land to save his life from plane crash or explosion. However, German soldiers caught him. The enemies got his things that could identify him as an American. This was done to discourage the American pilot from escaping.

The German soldiers and their captive went to another place. A surprise attack was made. The American captive seized this chance to escape. He was able to escape from the Germans but he arrived in a no-man’s land.

In that area, French military men saw and captured him. He was almost killed because he initially thought he had nothing to prove his identity as an American, as an ally. Then it crossed his mind that kept a bronze medallion in a small pouch he wore around his neck. He showed it and one of the French men recognized the symbols in the coin.

Post-World War II

Germans had a tradition called pfennig checks. Pfennig referred to their lowest denomination. In a bar, if one asked for a pfennig and the other one couldn’t present a pfennig, he or she must pay for the drink of the former. Americans soldiers who patrolled a place in Germany adopted the tradition. However, instead of pfennig, Americans made use of military coins.


Tips for Choosing the Right Lanyards for your Business

Lanyards play an essential role in all types of organizations and businesses and are expected to remain that way for many years to come. Since there are lots of designs that you can choose from, you are probably having a hard time deciding which is the right lanyard for your business. Picking the right type of lanyard will be easier when you have some basic knowledge about the different options you have.

If you are aware of your options, you will be able to make an informed decision and pick the one that best suits your needs. Not only there are various styles to choose from, but there are also various types of attachments that are made to hook the card to the lanyard. Below are some information about the material used and the hooks that you can choose from.

Types of Lanyards

LanyardsBasically, a printed ID lanyard is made from cotton, polyester or nylon and they are designed in convenient sizes from 3/8 to one inch in width. Your logo or name can be printed around the material. You can also choose from the different colors. For the quality of the print, you have 3 options – the basic, medium or highest grade quality.

You can request for custom-made designs that are helpful for added security, since they are extremely hard to match. When personalizing your ID card lanyard, you have to choose the color you prefer, together with the kind of material to be used in making them. For example, you can choose between rope, flat, leather, woven, tube, and beaded material.

Some are termed as breakaway because a section that goes around your neck has a connection where it can be pulled apart. This reduces the risk of being choked by the ID lanyard. This type is normally used as a promotional item. They are likewise used in industrial companies to prevent injuries from happening due to the ID lanyard getting stuck on machinery.

Attachments Used in Holding ID Cards

You need also to consider the attachments when choosing the type of device to secure the ID card in place. There are various types of hooks that you can choose from, which make it easy to find the one that matches your need most.

Here are the various types of hooks that you can choose from:

• Badge holders
• Bulldog clip
• Gripper
• Key rings
• Pen holder
• Phone holder
• Pull-apart key ring
• Swivel hooks
• Trigger hook

The kind of clip you need will depend on how you will use the lanyard. Choose the one that is easy and convenient to handle yet comes at a reasonable price. The type of hook you need will be determined by the kind of ID card that you need to use. The hook and the ID card should be compatible to each other.

Dedicate some time in searching the different options you have before coming up with a decision. You can also try various types to assess which one will work best (although doing so comes with additional costs).

Purchasing Bulk Lanyards

If you want to get the best value for your money and if you want to market your brand but your budget is limited, choose a promotional product that can highlight your brand visibility but does not require you to spend a lot. Since you are sure that using promotional lanyards is very effective in marketing your brand, you need to find a way to purchase such items at the lowest price possible. Well, that’s easy since bulk orders are synonymous with discounts and savings.

No matter what kind of lanyards you need, www.wholesalelanyards.com your one-stop lanyard solution shop!


Food Storage Facts That You Should Be Aware Of

Food is probably on top of the list of all the things that must be handled carefully, and correctly. There is no doubt about this since a person’s health could be greatly affected once he or she accidentally takes in something spoiled.

While this fact is obvious and widely known to any human person, it still is often ignored and taken for granted. People already settle with loading storage containers with food, and placing such inside refrigerators or on top of kitchen shelves. However, food storage entails a lot more than just putting food inside storage containers. There are tons of other things that should be considered, such as the nature of the food being stored, its shelf life, and its ingredients.

storage containersTake maple syrup, for example. Indeed, almost every household has a stack of storage containers filled with maple syrup, for eating pancakes would never be the same without it. People usually stack these along with other bottled liquids on shelves, but this is totally wrong. Maple syrup usually contains no preservatives at all, and once opened, it could easily become moldy if you fail to keep it cold inside the refrigerator. Thus, you must always remember to keep maple syrup chilled.

Bananas, just like other fruits, are often placed in big bowls and placed on the center of the table. Doing such keeps the bananas at room temperature. People usually do this so that there shall be an easier access to it, and also for decoration as well. What people don’t know, however, is that bananas are better kept inside refrigerators. Putting these inside refrigerators or chillers once these are ripe could actually lengthen its perfect, ripe state for almost a whole week. So if you want more delicious and good-looking bananas, refrigerate them.

Potatoes, on the other hand, are best kept at room temperature. The reason for this is because the moisture that could be obtained by the potatoes inside the refrigerator could potentially ruin these, and make these a lot harder to work with because these will end up being way softer than you want it to be. The best advice is to simply store your potatoes in the pantry for almost about three weeks. Using large storage containers that are moveablecubicle could help in making crops like these look a lot more organized.

Freshly cut edible flowers are better kept inside refrigerators. Putting the flowers in a vase full of water, and subsequently placing such inside the chiller could definitely make these last longer.

All-natural peanut butters should also be kept inside refrigerators instead of at room temperature. This is because natural peanut butters contain no preservatives at all, thus, making such easily go rancid when stored at room temperature. So if you want to enjoy your delicious and healthy peanut butter for a longer period, keep it cold.

Hot sauce, as similar to ketchup, are usually kept by people on top of kitchen shelves. This is just right since hot sauce and ketchup do perfectly fine at room temperature. Such condiments contain just the right amount of acidity that is capable of lengthening the shelf life of these products.

Bread and other wheat products are also better kept at room temperature, as refrigerating such would only make them go stale faster. For softer loaves of bread, pile them on top of shelves instead.

Lastly, the all-time favorite cake, unlike what other people usually do, are actually also better kept at room temperature. Cakes are made with wheat as well, just like how breads are, so storing these in cool places would only make the layers dry out. So unless the frosting is gradually melting off of the cake, better place these on top of the counter instead.


HCG Information

In following up a dietary plan for HCG the person who is following up the dietary instructions should be quick and a step forward in planning up the next phase of dietary plan. The best time to figure out the dietary plan phase is when the person is at home. As a fact that home is a place where anyone can work out on a specific task in a more composed and creative way which is impossible while staying outdoors or during travel.

Though it is very difficult for a dieter to follow exact instruction of the second phase diet plan while staying at home. Because today most of the people lead very busy lives that require constant change in surrounding environment time to time. And there could be some days when the person following up an HCG diet plan has to stay outside the homely environment causing extraneous factors to intervene the dietary flow chart in many ways .In such a case where the dieter has no choice and diverting from the exact dietary plan is inevitable then some changes could be made for convenience in five hundred calorie diet chart until the time comes to come back at home.

best hcg dropsIt is recommended that when traveling the dieter should take a few extra calories added up in the previous diet plan .It is so because while traveling more calories are used and the body can burn more calories during a drive or traveling. So taking up 300 added calorie diet would be ok if the dieter is outdoors for more than four days tour. And in this way the dieter will be following a diet plan consisting of eight hundred calorie diet .An 800 calorie diet plan in phase 2 is taken into account when the travel prolongs more the 3 or 4 days. And at the third day of traveling time the dieter may feel hunger to take up food more than 500 calorie plan. So for such a situation the dieter may go for healthy protein loaded food including fish, lean meals and chicken meat. But when the person who is following the diet plan reaches back to home he/she is strongly suggested for taking up to the same 500 calorie diet plan.

In case when the HCG dieter is also a user of HCG injection for daily dose, it should be kept in mind that the HCG dieter should not miss the daily dose of HCG injection. But as in the case where prolonged traveling is involved for about 3-4 weeks the dieter may take up heavy foods and there may an interruption for the daily HCG injection dose. For this the person missing up the HCG injection can continue the routine injection dosage and five hundred calorie diet chart when returning to home. But in case when the traveling phase is long enough about 4-5 weeks then before returning to the normal routine three HCG injections and three days of heavy food days are suggested.


Custom Lanyards- Expedient & Easy

Lanyards, also spelled as “lan-iard”. We usually wear custom lanyards around the neck and around the wrist to carry an ID cards, security access systems and name badges.

Lanyards are characterized into two categories- classic and custom. The pattern of classic lanyards includes simple and plain straps. On the other hand, custom lanyards are designed according to customer’s choice and preference. You can add images as well as logos on the straps.

Uses of Lanyards

custom lanyardsFor security purpose, lanyards give out the best results esp. when you already have so many things to keep track of. Suddenly you feel hopeless, when the time you lose your ID or keys. You can fix all these daily routine issues by using customized lanyards- easy and convenient. Lanyards make it easy to keep track of your keys, ID cards and loads of other valuable products. For instance, you have to manage so many tasks around office or home but lanyards can fix both minor and major issues.

On the other hand, custom lanyards can be great marketing tool for your business or brand promotion. Today, this is most wonderful and cheap marketing item among all promotion items. This is what that we all need for our business or brand. You can also add logo, slogan or message on the straps of the lanyards. Custom Lanyard are perfect for the busy executives who have constantly been using and showing their IDs.

The idea of lanyards is going to be perfect for women who need to store their keys, cell phones and wallets. You can also use lanyards in the gym to keep track of your keys, gadgets, wallets etc during the session of workout.

If you are not decided or making plans of purchasing lanyards then you could be missing out something for the better.

Making Your Own Style Statement with Vibrant Custom Lanyards!

Consider styles while choosing custom lanyards and also the theme of your business or brand. Well, some people are still not aware the assets of lanyards in different area. Wide variety of styles and colors are available in online stores. Custom and classic are two kinds of lanyards are there. The category of customized lanyards includes prints with the name or logo of the brand. If you are a youngster who believes in the hot and updated looks then opt for lanyards that directly suits your outfit. Make a unique style statement with the use of stylish, vibrant and reasonable lanyards.

Custom lanyards are one of the most versatile accessories that you could have both at completive price and high quality. If you think that the price of lanyards are out of your pocket or budget, this time you can be wrong. Because, lanyards are the most cheap accessory! Whether you are a start up in the business or you are in a list of successful entrepreneurs, you can easily provide lanyards to your employees. The price of this accessory would fit in your budget. Hence, customized lanyards are easy, convenient and reasonable. It will be the preferred and low cost marketing tool for sure.

Custom lanyards are available in so many online and wholesale stores as well. You are free from choosing the design, colors and patterns of custom lanyards and can add your own custom logo, slogan and messages to the lanyards. You are not merely promoting your business but also building the reputation of your company as well. By doing so, you can show great care to your workers and make your brand or business visible. This is the right time to create your own personalized lanyards today


Burial vs. Cremation

When it comes to providing proper acknowledgement to the dead, there is no doubt that people really give high regards to them, especially when it comes to their loved ones. There can be two reasons for this: one is maybe because there is this certain need to provide for their last “human” experience on earth, and another is that maybe doing so has really just become a prescribed tradition for the human race. However, whatever the reason, it can’t also be denied how people over the years haven’t forgotten this practice and even developed new ways in treating their dead.

As years passed by, people started to explore more possibilities and discovered alternative ways in doing such practices. One of them is cremation, which garnered popularity among the modern people as time evolved. But why is this so? What makes the people prefer cremating bodies more than the traditional burial services? The following are some of the reasons why it’s better to choose cremation over the traditional burial services nowadays.

1. Cost

funeralCremating dead bodies costs a lot less than the traditional burial of the dead. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) says that the average cost of a funeral service in America costs roughly $7,000, while the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) claims that the average cost of cremating dead bodies is only roughly $2,000. Both estimates include the basic materials needed, like caskets and urns. However, the estimate for a funeral service does not include the cemetery plot or the gravestone yet.

2. Hygiene

Because burying a body is more natural than cremation, the proliferation of bacteria and germs from a dead body is hard to prevent—even with the presence of Formaldehyde. In contrast, because cremating a body involves machineries and modern technologies to speed up the decomposing of a dead human body, bacteria proliferation is reduced.

3. Space

Traditional funeral services includes burying of the body into land plots. A statistic in 2006 stated that about 150,000 people in the world die everyday. If all these dead bodies are laid down in cemeteries, they would take up most of the space in the world and perhaps compromise the space that could have been utilized better by the living.

By cremating the dead bodies, on the other hand, the remains took up less space by being small enough to fit in an urn or to be scattered across the globe. These, by the way, are also not unhygienic because the incineration already took away all the harmful chemicals from what used to be the human body.

4. Environment

The main argument for this is that cremating dead bodies is better for the environment because it does not use chemicals such as Formaldehyde like the traditional funeral and burial services do. The process also uses natural gas in the incineration, which is not really that harmful to the environment—especially if it’s used through a high-end machinery that can regulate the use of chemicals. Moreover, compared to traditional funeral and burial services, cremating bodies does not utilize land use.

5. Simple

Lastly, cremation can be preferred over burial for simplification reasons. Cremating bodies does not require long preparation unlike the traditional funeral and burial services. It does not need a large space or a fancy casket. It does not require beautification of the dead like embalming and make-up application. However, despite all these things, cremating bodies still achieves the thing that burial services do, and that is to give the people who are left behind a thing to cling on to, and a proper send-off to the ones who already have passed away.


Techie Talk: Common Methods of PCB Fabrication

Most electronic devices need a PCB (printed circuit board) to support and connect its surface-mounted and socketed components to sophisticated computer systems. This device holds a conductive system of circuits etched or printed onto non-conductive substrates. Creating such a piece involves the process of assembling a substrate, drilling and plating holes, crafting the circuit pattern to be printed on the substrate, mounting the parts, and packaging.

There are a number of methods for PCB fabrication, each with its own pros and cons. The four most commonly known ones are etching, send out, direct plating and copper removal.


printed circuit boardsThis is the most utilized method of PCB fabrication because, aside from the simplicity of its design, it is also cost-effective. It involves the process of manually removing excess copper from the board with the use of a chemical (either ferric chloride or sodium persulphate etchant). The remaining portion is used to conduct electrical current through the board.

Placing a pattern on the board could be done through any of the following methods:


It is a simple process of drawing the pattern by hand with the use of waterproof resist pens. Specialty tapes could be used as a guide.


The circuit board is initially coated with a thin layer of resist material. An Ultra Violet translucent artwork film is positioned on top of the board and, after being exposed to UV light (with the use of a UV exposure box), is placed into a developer bath. This acts to get rid of the sensitized photoresist; the remainder embodies the circuit. It is capable of producing consistently high quality outputs.

Direct Etch

This makes use of special transfer paper. The laser printer-generated image etched on the transfer paper is ironed onto the circuit board for approximately 2 minutes. Afterwards, the board is submerged in water to dissolve the special coating, leaving the ironed pattern behind.


A screen, which has been covered by a photo-sensitive material, is developed and exposed before it is positioned beneath a frame. Afterwards, special ink is loaded on top of the setup and is raked through the frame.

The major disadvantage of etching is that it requires a lot of time and effort in creating each PCB.

Send Out

As the name suggests, send out involves the process of sending premade PCB templates to a Board House where it will me professionally manufactured. The template must include assembly sketches, a layout file, and an NC drill file of hole positions.

This method of PCB fabrication is rather slow and very expensive, but it produces high quality outputs. It is therefore recommended for bulk purchases and not for small scale production.

Direct Plating

This is a fully automated method that uses an industrial machine to “directly plate” the board on the track. It is fast and produces the highest quality outputs out of the lot, but is quite costly. It is not recommended for neophyte manufacturers.

Copper Removal

This process requires the use of a cutter plotter – a printer that generates a hard copy of computer-aided designs. To use this, simply install PCB layout software, select the desired outline, and print it out.

The downside to this PCB fabrication method is the speed of production: it is rather sluggish. This should only be used to build prototypes and not the final products.

In selecting the right method to use, consider the budget, number of items to manufacture, and availability of materials or equipment. Do keep in mind that aseptic technique must be used when creating and assembling the board – the environment must be clean and uncontaminated by harmful microorganisms. Dirt only decreases the functionality and reliability of the PCB.

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